S/4 HANA Data Modeling

    SPC is certified in the S/4 HANA Modeler World which is quit heavy. http://www.spc4erp.com/uploads/about-1477152473-s4Hana-Modeler-C_HANAIMP151.pdf
    Benefit for Customer:
    One Customer had a Problem under ECC6, that in Material Ledger several data Information where missing. With S/4 HANA Modeling, it is possible all this missing attributes to store directly to HANA Database. All this i learned how to do with the SAP Learning Hub and the Certification. With Lumira or Fiori or Bussiness Object Browser, all these missing data can be displayed directly togheter with the other Standard data values.

    here a youtube to have a look and feel: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZZvx2BemlvM
    Now, SPC is looking for a Project to transfer the knowledge into practice.



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