• Self-motivated, structured, future oriented, consistently successful, and dynamic project management consultant, with over 20 years of successful results-based experience in business and information systems. Has carried out business consultancy and project management assignments in both the public and private sector, ranging from medium sized enterprises to large Multi-National Organizations.

    Has successfully completed SAP-Projects in Manufacturing, Transport, Healthcare, Consumers, Chemicals, Trading, and others. See in the reference list. https://www.spc4erp.com/references

    Has excellent consolidated knowledge of Business Process Management, sound SAP-ERP and SAP S/4 HANA. Has excellent communication skills and the ability to engage with Senior Management, Administrative and technical Staff alike. He is tenacious, enthusiastic, far-sighted, good at logical, abstract thinking and pays rigorous attention to details.
    Self-employed since 1995 in running SPC https://www.spc4erp.com/.  His experience gives the customer security that projects will be implemented successfully.

    On a high level, i present here my skills in the IT- and SAP-World.

    Nick   Knowledge Scale                               4=Above Average


    Years of experience
    Area Component Subject____________________________________ 4 5 6 7    
    AI/ML   Artificial Intelligence (AI)            
        From 04.2019 - 04.2021: AI/ML/DL Data Science  x         2,5
        Fiori Development (many courses taken)   X       1,0
    SAP S4H   Project – experience            
      NewGL New General Ledger   X       1,0
      FI-AA New Asset Accounting X         0,5
      FI-AR Accounts receivable   X       1,0
      FI-AP Accounts Payable   X       1,0
      FIN_FSCM_CLM  FIN Cash Management
    (earlier FI-BL)
    X         0,5
      MIRO Logistics Invoice Verification   X       1,0
      BP Business Partner   X       1,0
      FSCM Credit-Management   X       0,5
      FCC Financial Closing Cockpit   X       1,0
      CO-OM-CEL Cost Type Accounting   X       2,0
      CO-OM-CCA Cost Center Accounting   X       2,0
      CO-OM-OPA Internal Order   X       2,0
      CO-PA Margin Analysis   X       2,0
      CO-PC Product Costing Analysis   X       1,0
      Log. Int. Logistic Integration   X       2,0
      Fiori Fiori for S4HANA   X       2,0
      Solman 7.2 Agile Focused Build for SAP Solution Manager 7.2   X       2,0
      CMOD Customer-Exits (Transaktionen CMOD und SMOD)   X       1,0
    S4H   Training and Education / Introduction            
        SAP Road Map Explorer   X       2,5
        SAC SAP Analytics Cloud Planning   X       1,0
        SAP Product Lifecycle Costing X         0,5
        open SAP - Courses           4,0
        Finance, Level (1503)   X X     1,0
        Modeling, Certified   X X     1,0
        HANA Studio   X     X 0,5
        SCP (SAP Cloud Platform)   X     X 1,0
        SAP Web IDE for HANA   X     X 1,0
        SAP HANA Express Edition 2.0   X     X 1,0
        ·         XS Advanced Model   X     X 1,0
        SAP Activate   X     X 1,0
        Model Company (open SAP course)   X     X 0,5
        SAP Best Practice   X       5,0
        SAP Learning Hub   X     X 3,0
    SAP ERP   R/3 ECC6 Experience            
      CA-00 Cross-Company Business Processes       X   10,0
      CA-10 Cross-Company Tools, Settings       X   10,0
      FI-GL Classic GL     X X   20,0
      FI-AP Vendors processes      X X   20,0
      FI-AR Customer processes     X X   20,0
      FI-AA Asset Accounting     X     15,0
      FI-BL Bank-Accounting     X     15,0
      Reporting All kind of Tools       X   20,0
      CO-CCE Cost Element Accounting     X X   20,0
      CO-CCA Cost Center Accounting     X X   20,0
      CO-OPA Internal Orders     X X   20,0
      CO-PC Cost Object Controlling     X X   15,0
      CO-PC-ACT Material Ledger incl. Actual Costing     X X   10,0
      EC-PCA Profit Center Accounting     X X   20,0
      CO-PA Profitability Analyses     X X   20,0
      PS Project System     X     10,0
      SD-MTO Sales-Order (Make-to-Order)   X       3,0
      SD Sales and Distribution   X       3,0
      MM Material Management   X       3,0
      PP Production   X       4,0
      Log. int. Integration all Modules to FI/CO       X   20,0
      SE80 ABAP Workbench    X       15,0
        Last Update: 15.09.2021            
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