• Nick Scherer is the holder of
    SPC SCHERER & PARTNER GMBH in Kuessnacht am Rigi/SZ, Switzerland.

    Running SPC since 1995 and with his experience of more than 21 years as SAP- Project Professional, give the customer the relevant security that new SAP-Projects will be implemented competent, flexible, perfect structured, focused for the future and realized in the estimated time- and costframe.

    Nick Scherer was operating in the last 4 years as SAP Solution Architect in very large Organization like (Nestlé GLOBE, Philipp Morris International) and partly under the flag of SAP.
    The dimension and complexity of such large Organization gives the best knowledge basis for further most interesting Customer Projects worldwide.
    The implementation or change of SAP Business Processes is like building a factory, the better designed, defined, structured, implemented and documented the more added values for Customers.
    The CV of Nick Scherer can be requested by e-mail -> see under -> Contact. On the bottom you can click to the blue bottom, it will guide you to the LinkedIn profile. Followed you can see the Knowledge scale on highlevel.

        Knowledege Scale 1=Very Poor, 2=Below Average, 3=Average 4=Above Average
    on Tablet
    Years of
    Area Code Subject 1 2 3 4 5 6 7    
    AI/ML   SAP Data Intelligence for Enterprise AI                  
        Data Scientist (many courses taken: ML,AI)       X          
    Fiori   Fiori Development (many courses taken)       X          
    S/4H 010 Implementing S/4 HANA, Finance, Fiori         X X     2,0
      100 Solution Manager, Agile with Focused Build       X X       1,0
      200 Finance, Level (1503)         X X     1,0
      210 Finance, Project Experience (1511)         X       1,0
      220 Simplification Lists (1610-1809)       X         1,0
      300 Modeling, Certified       X   X     1,0
      310 HANA Studio         X     X 0,5
      330 HCP (HANA Cloud Platform)         X     X 1,0
      340 Fiori (with WEB IDE on HCP)         X     X 1,0
      510 - SAP HANA Express Edition 2.0         X     X 1,0
      520 - XS Advanced Model         X     X 0,2
      600 SAP Solution Manager 7.2         X       1,0
      610 SAP Solution Manager  < 7.2         X   X   4,0
      700 SAP Activate         X     X 0,2
      800 Model Company / SAP Best Practice          X     X 3,0
      1000 SAP Learning Hub         X     X 3,0
        several Certification                  
      2000 openSAP         X     X 2,0
        several openSAP Courses         X       1,0
    SAP ERP   SAP ERP upto Level 618                  
      CA-00 Cross-Company Business Processes             X   10,0
      CA-10 Cross-Company Tools, Settings             X   20,0
      FI-GL Classic GL           X X   20,0
      NewGL New General Ledger         X       1,0
      FI-AP Vendors processes            X X   20,0
      FI-AR Customer processes           X X   20,0
      FI-AA Asset Accounting           X X   20,0
      FI-BL Bank-Accounting           X X   20,0
      FI-SL Special Ledger             X   6,0
      Reporting All kind of Tools             X   20,0
      CO-CCE Cost Element Accunting           X X   20,0
      CO-CCA Cost Center Accunting           X X   20,0
      CO-OPA Internal Orders           X X   20,0
      CO-PC Cost Object Controlling           X X   15,0
      CO-ML Material Ledger           X X   15,0
      CO-PCA Profit Center Accounting           X X   20,0
      CO-PA Profitability Analyses           X X   20,0
      PS Project System             X   10,0
      SD-MTO Sales-Order (Make-to-Order)         X       3,0
      SD Sales and Distribution         X       3,0
      MM Material Management         X       3,0
      PP Production         X       4,0
      Integrat. Integration from all Modules to FI/CO             X   20,0
      SE80 ABAP Workbench             X   15,0
      CLOCO Closging Cockpit and Schedule Manager                 10,0
        Last Update: 29.07.2019                  
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